We’re launching our website!

At Pharmadeje pharmacy, we’re kicking off a new chapter and we couldn’t be more excited to share this space with you and keep you up to date on all of our news. We hope you enjoy our new website, and that you learn about all the services we offer.

Closer to you

In 2017 we opened our doors in Coste Adeje, with one goal in mind: to give our clients the best and most complete service. Since then, we’ve helped everyone who has chosen us as their trusted pharmacy, making their needs our priority.

Now, we’re continuing to move in the direction of more personalised attention. So, we’re opening our pharmacy in the digital world. This way, our clients can get to know us a bit better and learn about all of our services we provide, because Pharmadeje is much more than the place you go to buy your medicine or your cosmetic products. Did you know that we have a personalised medicine dosage service? Or that we can help you control your weight through our nutritional advice? Learn more about what we can do for you..

We want to help you

At Pharmadeje we have a team with extensive experience and training in order to give you the best pharmaceutical service. Don’t hesitate to ask our advice on any question you may have. We’ll be delighted to help you.

Do you need to take a blood test? Do you want us to keep record of your vaccines, and order them for you from the respective laboratory? Do you need to know which products from our wide range of cosmetics are the right ones for your type of skin? We’re your pharmacy!

Come and visit us! We’re waiting for you!

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