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Hi girls and boys,

You are not hallucinating.  It is not a typo. We also sell these two oils, both formulated with Monoï.

Today, we will briefly inform you about these products and, what benefits and risks have the use of coconut oil and carrot oil.

Why do we choose the Polynesian brand?

It is Natural oil with higher-quality properties. Coconut oil is originally from the Fiji Islands (Hawaii). There they are used to heal wounds of tattoos,  to prolong their tan, light their skin before any dance performance or moisturise after a long working day at sea.

What benefits do they have?

Coconut oil

Carrot oil

  • Prolongs your tan
  • Promotes melanin production
  • Ideal for massages
  • Treat ulcers

What risks do these oils have?

  • Do NOT apply carrot oil without first mixing it with coconut, olive or sunflower oil.
  • Coconut or carrot oil does NOT protect from the sun
  • NOT good for moisturizing the fatty face
  • Do NOT include it in your diet. Although there are studies that say that coconut oil can increase good cholesterol, but it can also increase bad cholesterol.
  • Its excess causes overweight
  • Using it in high temperatures changes its composition and may adversely affect the body.

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